It was a disease, tuberculosis, back in 1940 that originated this whole story. One of the sons of Bartolomé Ros contracted this disease and in those years the only medical recommendation was to “breathe mountain air”.

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With this mission, Bartolomé Ros began the search for a mountain farm to displace his family. A little over a year later he found the Cortijo Balzaín, an old agricultural estate located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, very close to the town of La Zubia, Granada. From the first moment he was clear that this place was the right one, but it was the coming years that ended up conquering the family. Nature, tranquility and the possibilities of autonomy encouraged different families of foremen and farmers to converge in the Cortijo Balzaín. Even today these relationships are preserved, being Pepe, the current foreman of the Cortijo, born and raised in those same lands where his father worked.

In the big house lived the Ros family, in the house located at the entrance, the foreman, and in the houses located in La Fuente del Álamo, next to a dovecote with more than 200 years, lived the rest of the workers.
Bartolomé Ros’ passion for the Almond trees encouraged him to sow all the lands of the Cortijo with them. Between terraces that descend to the ravine where Sierra Nevada thaws, 100 hectares of almond trees unfold a unique landscape that in late winter and early spring dye the slopes white.