Conditions for holding events

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You can contact Luisa Aguilar from our Events Department for more information and to request a personalized quote.

The platform includes:

  • Basic assembly of altar and chairs.
  • Gardens, viewpoint and terrace for the celebration.
  • Parking service and car storage.
  • General lighting
  • Place for the civil ceremony.


  • Sierra Nevada, the moon, the stars and… Granada at your feet.

Catering Service.

  • A great team of professionals will attend to all the details of your event.
  • You can select the top catering service in Valencia, Seville, or Malaga from those with whom we have agreements based on your preferences, finances, and level of confidence.
  • Celebrations with other external catering companies are not allowed, with which there is no collaboration agreement signed.

General Conditions of Contract

  • The company’s idea of “celebration rights,” that include the rental of the platform, gardens, parking, and general illumination of the area where the banquet will take place, is subject to payment of the advance asked by the establishment.
  • Because the facilities are “outdoors,” the company is not liable for potential weather-related issues.
  • If bad weather occurs unexpectedly, the client must either hire a tent directly from the catering provider or through them. (consult with Holiday Travel Bungalow Vacations).
  • The catering service will be contracted directly by the client, among which Holiday Travel Bungalow Vacations, has detailed information and menus,
  • The establishment has no responsibility for it.