Putting Your Dog in a Daycare

Some situations may require being temporarily separated from your best friend: going on vacation, business trip, hospital stay… In such a case, keeping your dog can sometimes be a problem, especially if the absence lasts more than a few days.

Dog boarding houses are an excellent solution to guarantee the guarding of a dog in the absence of his master while ensuring a comfortable stay.

Which dogs are allowed in boarding?

To be able to place his dog in boarding, he must meet certain conditions and it is necessary to respect certain rules.

They may vary from one establishment to another, but the dogs accepted in boarding are generally those who:

  • do not belong to so-called dangerous breeds such as the Rottweiler, the American Staffordshire Terrier, or the Tosa Inu ;
  • do not present behavioral problems such as aggression towards other animals and/or human beings, destruction, excessive barking, etc.;
  • are castrated (for a male, but whole males under 8 months of age are sometimes tolerated) or are not in their heat periods (for females);
  • do not have serious and/or contagious health problems;
  • are up-to-date in their vaccination, for example, the kennel cough vaccine or rabies (rabies) vaccine. It may then be necessary to provide an official document (European animal passport, veterinary certificate, etc.) to attest to this;
  • are treated against external parasites (fleas, lice, ticks, etc.) and internal parasites (tapeworm, heartworm, etc.), as they are exposed to them during walking or play sessions;
  • are identified by microchip or tattoo.

The requirements may vary from one establishment to another, so it is better to inquire well in advance when you want to entrust your dog to a boarding house.

How long can I leave my dog in boarding?

The duration of the care of a dog in boarding can vary greatly depending on the case, and in some special cases, it is not even possible to know it precisely in advance, because the end date is not known with certainty (for example in the case of hospitalization). Fortunately, the establishments offer both short and long stays: this can range from one day to more than ten weeks for some kennels.

However, it is better to avoid leaving a dog in boarding for an excessive period of time. Indeed, too long an absence of the master can disturb him psychologically, to the point of feeling lost on his return to his home of origin. Sometimes you even have to teach your dog the basic things again, such as cleanliness.

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