Leisure activities to Engage In

 Water activities

One of the most requested are boat trips, within this category there are 3 types of departures that we can make: private boat trip, boat trips or boat parties.

Private boats can be skippered or not, boats without skipper can be made without the need for any type of qualification and have a maximum capacity of 6 people, a good option to enjoy navigation for an economical price. We can also rent a boat with a maximum capacity of 11 people privately to spend a few hours with our group, this type of boats are usually sailboats, many of these departures offer within the price some consumption and even some snacking, also if the client needs it you can take your own food and drink.

The boat trips also offer several options, outings with food and bath that also include some drink, sunset departures and departures to see the sunset with a glass of cava, all these outings can be attended by families with children, couples, groups of friends, etc.

The boat parties are held on Saturdays, you have to make a prior reservation to ensure the place, this type of departures are designed for young people who want to spend a lively and fun time on board a boat, this type of departures are usually 2 hours long and include the possibility of taking a bath in the sea, Some consumption and deejay, sometimes lunch or dinner are included.

 Paddle Surf

Water activity up to 10 people

This activity is one of the most fashionable activities in recent times, since it can be done by any type of person regardless of age, paddle surfing can be done individually or up to a maximum of 10 people on the same giant paddle board. The activity consists of maintaining balance on the board propelling yourself only with a paddle, it is a very relaxing activity while fun, highly recommended for families or groups who want to have a good time.

Jet skis

Adrenaline and fun

A very fun activity to practice both alone and in a group, the motorcycles can be rented 30 minutes or 1 hour, always accompanied by a monitor, the motorcycles can be driven by two participants starting the driving time or by the same person all the time. This activity offers an important load of adrenaline, since the speed of motorcycles in the sea seems superior to what it really is, it is one of the most demanded activities by lovers of speed and much requested by groups that celebrate their bachelor party for the fun it offers its participants.


Flying at sea

This activity is one of the most expensive economically speaking, but also one of the original and fun, since literally the participant ends up flying in the sea, the activity consists of maintaining balance in the air while a water hose that is attached to the boots propels you up, said hose is propelled by a jet ski of great horsepower or by a pneumatic one, Prior to the activity there is a small theoretical class where the monitor gives all the information to the participant and thus ensure that the experience is very fun. This activity is done individually, although it can be done in a group taking turns. It is a very original activity to give to your partner or friends because it is very different from everything else.