How To Teach Your German Shepherd To Stay In The Garden?

German shepherd and your backyard go hand in hand. However, for the safety of your dog, it is advisable to fence your yard properly, but also to teach your dog not to jump over the fence and to stay in the gates. A good German Shepherd breeder in Los Angeles can help you better in training your K9, but in this article, we will give you some tips.

Learning begins with basic obedience processes

Before teaching your German Shepherd to stay in the yard, he should have basic obedience skills. He must therefore be able to listen to you at all times and must master the order of the callback. If your dog has not yet assimilated these learnings, you need to work on them first.

Training your dog to stay in the garden is a form of learning boundaries. The concept is the same as when you prohibit access to certain rooms in your house or to certain objects. Like learning boundaries, asking your dog to stay in the yard requires a lot of repetition and patience.

Step 1: Identify the limits not to cross

First of all, you need to delimit the area not cross it. Once you have decided, if the place is not yet marked out, you can use ropes or even flags to clearly mark the line that your German Shepherd should not cross.

Step 2: Show your dog the limit not to cross

To get started, tether your German Shepherd using his leash. Ensure it is well secured and cannot reach the area outside the garden. Once your dog is tied, walk to the boundary you set and let your dog follow you there. Throw treats next to the boundary. Let your dog find them. If he manages to find the treats without crossing the line, praise him warmly. Then go outside the authorized zone, but do not let your dog follow you there. Keep throwing treats inside the area and praise your dog if he doesn’t cross the boundary to get them.

Whenever your German Shepherd tries to follow you out of the area, entice him to come back inside by throwing treats in and encouraging him to fetch them. Repeat the exercise several times until your dog understands that he must not leave the marked area. Once he understands that he should stay in the garden, you can move away a little more. Praise your garden whenever it stays in the garden and doesn’t follow you. But, as soon as he tries to cross the limit, push him to return to the park, this time, without giving him a reward.

Step 3: Reinforce learning

The previous step may take several days for your German Shepherd to master. The important thing is that you are patient with your dog. When you see that your dog has understood what you expect of him, you can untie him. But, before, you can test it by another method.

This time, ask a friend of yours that your dog knows to walk past the fence, also ask them to throw a toy right behind the boundary you have put up. If your German Shepherd stays in the yard without moving, reward him warmly with treats. On the other hand, if he has crossed the limit to joining your friend, push him back inside the garden so that he understands that he must not leave it.