Benefits of Walking in the Mountains

Before starting a hike in the mountains, make sure you wear good shoes, water bottle, cap or coat depending on the time of year and above all eager to enjoy nature.

  • The main benefit of walking through the countryside, mountains, rural areas, and now more than ever essential, is that you oxygenate your lungs, give them quality air and thus greatly reduce respiratory problems. It also increases bone density, to prevent osteoporosis. The Sierra Nevada Natural Park is a perfect place for hiking.
  • You see life in a more positive way, without stress. Walking in the mountains reduces negative and obsessive thoughts. The neuronal activity of the prefrontal cortex is reduced, which is associated with mental illness. It is about reducing all the mental noise generated by our daily lives. We need tranquility and peace.
  • It makes you live slower and more aware. Walk without haste, enjoying the landscape, nature, the animals you see along the way, the leaves, the colors … Enjoy your unrepeatable time with your family, in our rural accommodations.

  • It helps you socialize, from the tranquility. Our daily life is full of stress, haste, lack of time… We do not realize that many times we are not even able to stop 2 min to maintain a minimum conversation, even with the fruit bowl of the super. Always in a hurry from one place to another. In the mountains you greet any stranger who passes by you, a simple “hello” is enough to make you feel good. Have you come across someone in Cortijo Balzaín and greeted each other?
  • It is more than proven that doing outdoor sports increases the production of endorphins, which are responsible for happiness and frees us from stress. By having less stress, we will improve our quality of sleep. And in our rural houses you sleep wonderfully
  • You discover magical places that cannot be reached otherwise, just by walking. And in Granada there are countless unique corners that you will have to discover.