How To Teach Your German Shepherd To Stay In The Garden?

German shepherd and your backyard go hand in hand. However, for the safety of your dog, it is advisable to fence your yard properly, but also to teach your dog not to jump over the fence and to stay in the gates. A good German Shepherd breeder in Los Angeles can help you better in training your K9, but in this article, we will give you some tips.

Learning begins with basic obedience processes

Before teaching your German Shepherd to stay in the yard, he should have basic obedience skills. He must therefore be able to listen to you at all times and must master the order of the callback. If your dog has not yet assimilated these learnings, you need to work on them first.

Training your dog to stay in the garden is a form of learning boundaries. The concept is the same as when you prohibit access to certain rooms in your house or to certain objects. Like learning boundaries, asking your dog to stay in the yard requires a lot of repetition and patience.

Step 1: Identify the limits not to cross

First of all, you need to delimit the area not cross it. Once you have decided, if the place is not yet marked out, you can use ropes or even flags to clearly mark the line that your German Shepherd should not cross.

Step 2: Show your dog the limit not to cross

To get started, tether your German Shepherd using his leash. Ensure it is well secured and cannot reach the area outside the garden. Once your dog is tied, walk to the boundary you set and let your dog follow you there. Throw treats next to the boundary. Let your dog find them. If he manages to find the treats without crossing the line, praise him warmly. Then go outside the authorized zone, but do not let your dog follow you there. Keep throwing treats inside the area and praise your dog if he doesn’t cross the boundary to get them.

Whenever your German Shepherd tries to follow you out of the area, entice him to come back inside by throwing treats in and encouraging him to fetch them. Repeat the exercise several times until your dog understands that he must not leave the marked area. Once he understands that he should stay in the garden, you can move away a little more. Praise your garden whenever it stays in the garden and doesn’t follow you. But, as soon as he tries to cross the limit, push him to return to the park, this time, without giving him a reward.

Step 3: Reinforce learning

The previous step may take several days for your German Shepherd to master. The important thing is that you are patient with your dog. When you see that your dog has understood what you expect of him, you can untie him. But, before, you can test it by another method.

This time, ask a friend of yours that your dog knows to walk past the fence, also ask them to throw a toy right behind the boundary you have put up. If your German Shepherd stays in the yard without moving, reward him warmly with treats. On the other hand, if he has crossed the limit to joining your friend, push him back inside the garden so that he understands that he must not leave it.



Putting Your Dog in a Daycare

Some situations may require being temporarily separated from your best friend: going on vacation, business trip, hospital stay… In such a case, keeping your dog can sometimes be a problem, especially if the absence lasts more than a few days.

Dog boarding houses are an excellent solution to guarantee the guarding of a dog in the absence of his master while ensuring a comfortable stay.

Which dogs are allowed in boarding?

To be able to place his dog in boarding, he must meet certain conditions and it is necessary to respect certain rules.

They may vary from one establishment to another, but the dogs accepted in boarding are generally those who:

  • do not belong to so-called dangerous breeds such as the Rottweiler, the American Staffordshire Terrier, or the Tosa Inu ;
  • do not present behavioral problems such as aggression towards other animals and/or human beings, destruction, excessive barking, etc.;
  • are castrated (for a male, but whole males under 8 months of age are sometimes tolerated) or are not in their heat periods (for females);
  • do not have serious and/or contagious health problems;
  • are up-to-date in their vaccination, for example, the kennel cough vaccine or rabies (rabies) vaccine. It may then be necessary to provide an official document (European animal passport, veterinary certificate, etc.) to attest to this;
  • are treated against external parasites (fleas, lice, ticks, etc.) and internal parasites (tapeworm, heartworm, etc.), as they are exposed to them during walking or play sessions;
  • are identified by microchip or tattoo.

The requirements may vary from one establishment to another, so it is better to inquire well in advance when you want to entrust your dog to a boarding house.

How long can I leave my dog in boarding?

The duration of the care of a dog in boarding can vary greatly depending on the case, and in some special cases, it is not even possible to know it precisely in advance, because the end date is not known with certainty (for example in the case of hospitalization). Fortunately, the establishments offer both short and long stays: this can range from one day to more than ten weeks for some kennels.

However, it is better to avoid leaving a dog in boarding for an excessive period of time. Indeed, too long an absence of the master can disturb him psychologically, to the point of feeling lost on his return to his home of origin. Sometimes you even have to teach your dog the basic things again, such as cleanliness.

If you are looking for a reputable San Diego dog daycare, Margale Pet Resort is one to go to. There, you can be sure of peace of mind while you leave the dog in their hands.



Leisure activities to Engage In

 Water activities

One of the most requested are boat trips, within this category there are 3 types of departures that we can make: private boat trip, boat trips or boat parties.

Private boats can be skippered or not, boats without skipper can be made without the need for any type of qualification and have a maximum capacity of 6 people, a good option to enjoy navigation for an economical price. We can also rent a boat with a maximum capacity of 11 people privately to spend a few hours with our group, this type of boats are usually sailboats, many of these departures offer within the price some consumption and even some snacking, also if the client needs it you can take your own food and drink.

The boat trips also offer several options, outings with food and bath that also include some drink, sunset departures and departures to see the sunset with a glass of cava, all these outings can be attended by families with children, couples, groups of friends, etc.

The boat parties are held on Saturdays, you have to make a prior reservation to ensure the place, this type of departures are designed for young people who want to spend a lively and fun time on board a boat, this type of departures are usually 2 hours long and include the possibility of taking a bath in the sea, Some consumption and deejay, sometimes lunch or dinner are included.

 Paddle Surf

Water activity up to 10 people

This activity is one of the most fashionable activities in recent times, since it can be done by any type of person regardless of age, paddle surfing can be done individually or up to a maximum of 10 people on the same giant paddle board. The activity consists of maintaining balance on the board propelling yourself only with a paddle, it is a very relaxing activity while fun, highly recommended for families or groups who want to have a good time.

Jet skis

Adrenaline and fun

A very fun activity to practice both alone and in a group, the motorcycles can be rented 30 minutes or 1 hour, always accompanied by a monitor, the motorcycles can be driven by two participants starting the driving time or by the same person all the time. This activity offers an important load of adrenaline, since the speed of motorcycles in the sea seems superior to what it really is, it is one of the most demanded activities by lovers of speed and much requested by groups that celebrate their bachelor party for the fun it offers its participants.


Flying at sea

This activity is one of the most expensive economically speaking, but also one of the original and fun, since literally the participant ends up flying in the sea, the activity consists of maintaining balance in the air while a water hose that is attached to the boots propels you up, said hose is propelled by a jet ski of great horsepower or by a pneumatic one, Prior to the activity there is a small theoretical class where the monitor gives all the information to the participant and thus ensure that the experience is very fun. This activity is done individually, although it can be done in a group taking turns. It is a very original activity to give to your partner or friends because it is very different from everything else.


Less Technology and More Outdoors for Children

For some time, the Juvenile Judge Emilio Calatayud has been warning about the worrying consequences of “new technologies” on children and children. The summary is simpler than we think: We are replacing activities, relationships and attention to children with technologies. We prevent them from getting bored or “annoying” us (because yes, sometimes they bother) by giving them a mobile, a Tablet or a game on the Play. But … what did we do before without these “lifelines”? Well, a million things that now seem banished.

The statistics are terrifying.

Data that affects us all:

  • According to an Apple study, mobile users unlock the terminal an average of 95 times a day (not counting clock queries) that, if we remove the hours of sleep, we talk about 1 time every 12 minutes.
  • According to a study by Digitaltrend, coinciding with another of Facebook itself, users spend an average of 4 hours a day looking at the mobile. A simple calculation gives us a chilling result: We dedicate 25% of our time to mobile.
  • According to the INE, 50% of 11-year-olds have a mobile phone. 90% for 14-year-olds.

If we put all this in a shaker, everything seems more enlightening. We are adults who buy a mobile phone for children and, as much as we set limits for them, we are giving them a devastating example. Being a bit of a demagogue, while we scold them because they have no imagination to have fun without disturbing us, we will have looked at the mobile two or three times …

The problem is that when we were kids, there were not so many junk, we played lego, pilla-pilla, swordsmen with sticks, we made dikes with mud, we painted, we played football or we climbed a tree. And that was the constant. But the kids of today are growing up with all this technology at their fingertips, they have not been “forced” to look for chestnuts or imagine some mischief to get out of boredom, so these “essential” activities are now the exception.

"Traditional" activities are tremendously more beneficial than "technological" ones: motor and coordination development, spatial vision, development of creativity and imagination, organization and planning, sport, teamwork, leadership, social iteration and a long list that our common sense knows perfectly.

But there is no need for brainy university studies or juvenile judges to warn us of the worrying present and future of our boys, just look at the look of kids who play outdoors with sticks and races; or the lonely gaze of a boy who looks at the screen of a mobile phone and slides a finger nervously.

It is curious, when I have looked for a photograph for this article using the words “children playing” and “happy children”, very few, if not least, children came out playing the Tablet or any technological bug. In fact, the image that comes to mind when we think of happy and happy children, are children running in the air, in a meadow, playing with mud, with stones, with bicycles, with leaves … but not with the mobile.

Benefits of Walking in the Mountains

Before starting a hike in the mountains, make sure you wear good shoes, water bottle, cap or coat depending on the time of year and above all eager to enjoy nature.

  • The main benefit of walking through the countryside, mountains, rural areas, and now more than ever essential, is that you oxygenate your lungs, give them quality air and thus greatly reduce respiratory problems. It also increases bone density, to prevent osteoporosis. The Sierra Nevada Natural Park is a perfect place for hiking.
  • You see life in a more positive way, without stress. Walking in the mountains reduces negative and obsessive thoughts. The neuronal activity of the prefrontal cortex is reduced, which is associated with mental illness. It is about reducing all the mental noise generated by our daily lives. We need tranquility and peace.
  • It makes you live slower and more aware. Walk without haste, enjoying the landscape, nature, the animals you see along the way, the leaves, the colors … Enjoy your unrepeatable time with your family, in our rural accommodations.

  • It helps you socialize, from the tranquility. Our daily life is full of stress, haste, lack of time… We do not realize that many times we are not even able to stop 2 min to maintain a minimum conversation, even with the fruit bowl of the super. Always in a hurry from one place to another. In the mountains you greet any stranger who passes by you, a simple “hello” is enough to make you feel good. Have you come across someone in Cortijo Balzaín and greeted each other?
  • It is more than proven that doing outdoor sports increases the production of endorphins, which are responsible for happiness and frees us from stress. By having less stress, we will improve our quality of sleep. And in our rural houses you sleep wonderfully
  • You discover magical places that cannot be reached otherwise, just by walking. And in Granada there are countless unique corners that you will have to discover.